Our Promise

Optimas Manufacturing has built its reputation in the energy services industry for transparency in its operations supplying quality mechanical components and assemblies.

Our direct customers include Fortune 500 oil and gas service companies. Our customer’s end-users include major oil and gas companies around the world.

Quality and delivery have to be a given! Our focus is working with our oil and gas service customers to help them reduce carrying costs, significantly shorten lead times, and free up their time and capital by not having to invest in every step of the supply chain. For example, customers that are part of our managed service agreement offering have seen their lead times cut from 90 days down to only 10 days.

Our promise is to provide you the same product at a better price and faster delivery than if you were making it yourself.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. Are you tired of being told the delivery is delayed?
  2. Are you tired of negotiating every time you place an order?
  3. Do you feel your supplier is controlling you rather than you controlling the supply chain?
  4. Are delays costing you your reputation?
  5. Are you given lead times which cause you to miss or lose orders?
  6. When problems occur is your supplier transparent?

What you want:

  1. You need a reliable and flexible supply chain.
  2. You need your supplier to stand by their price commitment.
  3. You need to shorten the lead-time so you can respond to market conditions and reduce work in progress (WIP) costs.
  4. You want a proactive supplier that can identify when there is a problem, communicate to you that there is a problem, and then provide a way to resolve the problem quickly and completely

Let us show you how we can reduce your turnaround time and reduce your supply chain risk.

From simple oilfield machined components to complicated assemblies and new product developments, our team of experts is uniquely positioned to be your total supply chain manager. We even procure, hold, and deliver order quantities that are below the minimum levels from the raw materials supplier. We have brought products to market perfectly in over 70 different part numbers for customized materials and customized tube sizes (e.g. 304L, 316L, 13CrL80, 4130, 4140, 718, N08825, carbides and others).

This allows you to eliminate the need to manage multiple points within the supply chain and have a one-stop shop in making sure that your products are delivered to the field with the highest quality and in the most dependable and prompt manner. This means you can spend your time focusing on growing your business and accomplish more in your field of expertise and let us do the heavy lifting. Optimas Energy Services specializes in producing and delivering your specialty oil field products on time with complete traceability, perfect quality, and perfect packaging, without the headaches of you having to manage the supply chain.