Optimas Energy Services delivers value to your oil and gas services company by providing complete traceability, on-time delivery, perfect quality, perfect packaging, competitive pricing, and significantly shorter lead times than you are experiencing with your current supplier. You no longer have to accept paying for poor quality and poor delivery times to get your specialty products to the field.

Below is a summary of how we add value to your business:


We offer you 100% traceability on every product we manufacture. Every item has a serial number that can be traced right back to the mill that produced the raw material. Also, each step in the assembly process, each employee, and each inspector is tied to the serial number that traces every detail in the assembly process.

Quality Control

Our team uses project management best practices to ensure that your specialty product is delivered to the field perfectly. Our quality control process manages the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. We start every assembly with a project plan to ensure perfection at the field site. The quality process includes:

  • Supplier audits and corrective actions
  • Failure mode and impact analysis
  • Control plans
  • Inspection of incoming materials
  • In-process inspections
  • Finished goods inspection
  • Gauge reproducibility and repeatability
  • Visual guides on site
  • Personnel training and validation
  • Bar coding traceability system set up and verification
  • A production start up checklist, non-conforming procedures, and quality reviews.

Total Supply Chain Management

Using our total supply chain management value added service, you can significantly shorten the lead-time on the manufacturing and delivery of your specialty oil and gas products. Optimas has the capability to hold material at below minimum quantity levels, hunt down the material if it is not a typical order, and execute small orders without you having to store the product. In addition, Optimas will inform you of the value of the material being stored and where it is located for complete transparency. Certified third party inspectors are employed to ensure the material meets the exact specifications called for on the print.Optimas Energy Services will furnish you reports on what you have and the quality of each piece of material being stored. In other words, we take care of the total supply chain for you so that you do not have to.