Total Supply Chain Management

Due to the demands for faster turnarounds and the shortage of available talent in the oil field sector, it can be frustrating to have to work on low yielding tasks such as managing each aspect of the supply chain to ensure that you get your products to the field in a timely manner. At Optimas, our team of engineers, logistics professionals, and project managers greatly simplify the process for you and save you time that could be spent on other mission critical activities. With just one phone call, Optimas can execute the entire supply chain process from the mill to the delivery point. Using Optimas’ Total Supply Chain Management solution, we can:

  • Hold the material for you to provide greater flexibility and smaller capital requirements
  • Store quantities that fall below normal minimum order requirements
  • Track the material at each stage so that you know where your product is and the value of it at all times
  • Ensure your product is perfect by employing independent third party inspectors using rigorous quality control processes to certify your material before it leaves the mill
  • Furnish reports for you on what products we have for you and the quality specifications of each item in process
  • Provide a proactive approach with you to understand your demand needs by conducting a forecasting meeting with you to ensure the right product is delivered at the right time, every time